Whether you’re buying for an individual or supplying an enterprise, we guarantee we have the ability to meet your needs!

Give us a call at (217) 590-5474 anytime to speak to our team or to schedule a time to meet in person, we can’t wait to meet you! 

*Normal business hours will resume post pandemic.*


We have it all! HBA, general merchandise, home goods, outdoor furniture & accessories, tools, food, electronics, kid & baby supplies, clothing, shoes, appliances & much, much more!


Almost everything we have is name brand coming from major manufacturers!


Of course! We are not in the business of selling knock-off’s. We’re in the business of giving you the best deals possible for the best merchandise we can find!


It depends on what we get from where, but merchandise will always be categorized as NEW, USED, SALVAGED, SHELF PULLS, OVERSTOCK OR REFURBISHED.


We have contracts with top retailers across the nation! Some of our favorites include Target, Walmart, Macy’s, The Home Depot & many more!


Absolutely! We encourage everyone to come see everything in person to get a feel for what you’ll be getting, the condition of the merchandise & of course to chat with our team!  


We regularly schedule and coordinate shipping of truckloads all over the United States. We can accommodate single pallets  as well as full truckload logistics. Pricing is based on current shipping rates at time of delivery being scheduled! 


We aren’t going to tell you no, but a lift may make your life easier! However, we are able to ship to residential & business locations & most people are able to just break down their pallets/truckloads for their storage on their own!


We constantly are turning over truckloads everyday! Whether you are looking for a single pallet or 10 Truckloads for your business, we constantly have new offerings available!

 You can always give us a call before visiting to see what inventory is currently available! 


Due to the business that we are in, we do not typically accommodate returns or exchanges. Once product is out the door, it’s yours!


Unfortunately many retailers will not provide a full detailed manifest for their truckloads or pallets, but when they do we happily provide the manifest to you free of charge!


No way! We sell them exactly how they’re brought to us from the distribution centers! We NEVER cherrypick or remove items from pallets or truckloads we sell! 


We can hold your purchase for up to 24 hours! After that, due to our limited warehouse space, it will be $50 / day.


You can send us a copy of your re-seller or tax exempt ID! We will add it to your file so that you never have to pay taxes on your orders!


We host our online auctions weekly here on our website! Bidding is quick, easy, and fun! You will need to register/sign in to bid, but don’t worry, it will automatically help you with the process! 


We require bids to be done in $50 increments, but that does mean it has to be done $50 at a time.. If you see a pallet and you know you want it, we encourage bidders to go high as soon as they can to avoid losing the item or being outbid in the last second.


We accept Credit, Debit, and Cash as payment in store upon pickup, or you may pay via credit/debit via our online storefront when available. 

For truckload purchases we may request a wire for larger transactrions

Our website is 100% completely automated. Every bid placed has a time stamp to show exactly who bid and at what time. We believe in transparency and want to make sure it is a fair and equal opportunity for every  person that bids! To avoid being outbid at the end we recommend putting your highest bid in before the last few seconds. 


Anyone not following the rules during the auction will be blocked and banned from any other auctions as well as removed from the group. If you win and don’t pick up or arrange shipping you will also be banned from the group and any future auctions. 

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