Buyer understands that Rogue Liquidation sells liquidated merchandise and makes no promises of profits to be made. All merchandise is sold AS-IS. No warranties apply. No returns, refunds, credits, or exchanges. Buyer must agree to refrain from advertising the name of the department store from which this merchandise originated. The buyer is responsible for all related taxes, licenses, and shipping charges unless otherwise stated. Please review the Terms and Conditions section of this website for complete details. Payment – Auction payments must be made within 24 hours of the auction and inventory picked up within 72 hours of purchase.rolex day date herren m228396tbr 0025 41mm uhr Buyer Requirements. In order to participate as a buyer in an auction or sales event, you must represent, warrant, and agree to: Pay for any bids or orders placed Have paid or settled any previous financial obligations owed to r Rogue Liquidation satisfaction; Not manipulate the price of any Asset or interfere with other bidders or buyers Comply with all listing-specific terms, conditions, or requirements Perform independent research and do not bid or purchase based on assumptions or inferred statements Buyer Warranties. If you place a bid during the auction or make a purchase from a floor sale, You are demonstrating your intention and financial capabilities to purchase the Inventory by bidding or ordering; You’re not allowed to withdraw, amend or modify your bid or order without our Prime Finds Management approval; You will comply with all laws and regulations applicable to the purchase of the Inventory and their subsequent transport, use, resale, and export, as applicable. No Professional Advice: Any information provided by Rogue Liquidation or agents, in any form whatsoever, is intended solely as general guidance on the use of our Services and our Site. Reservation of Rights: Rogue Liquidation reserves the right to withdraw any Inventory offered for sale up to the time the Inventory is removed. If this occurs, our liability is limited to the return of the purchase price paid, if any, for the Inventory. We reserve the right to accept or reject all bids or orders. Further, in order to limit risk to our marketplace, we reserve the right to limit your bid or order inventory amounts proposed by you, either alone or in the aggregate. Credit Information: We may condition a bid or order on you providing credit information. Bidding Process: For Rogue Liquidation Online Auctions on the Site, a buyer that both meets the Listing requirements and enters the highest bid will be deemed a “Winning Buyer.” If you are a Winning Buyer, then you are legally obligated to complete the transaction unless the transaction is prohibited by this User Agreement or by law. Each bidder is solely responsible for checking the Site or taking such other actions deemed appropriate to learn of changes to a Listing, including changes to closing date or time. Rogue Liquidation will not be responsible for notifying any buyer of a change in any Listing. The buyer bears the sole risk of placing bids so that such bids are received prior to the close of the Online Auction. No bid is received after an Online Auction is closed. Reserve Prices May or May Not be Disclosed: Rogue Liquidation may set a reserve price for the Inventory. At our own discretion, the Site may or may not display the reserve price for a Listing. Bids, however, that are received (whether under or over the reserve price) are binding and are subject to the seller’s acceptance of the bid. Listings with “No Minimum” price will open at the first bid increment as determined by Rogue Liquidation. PAYMENTS: If you are a Winning Buyer, you agree to make immediate payment to Rogue Liquidation for the total amount of the transaction, shipping costs, any other amounts specified in the Listing. This would include all taxes due, if applicable. Timing of Payment: Unless otherwise indicated in the Listing or stated in a separate written agreement with Rogue Liquidation, you must make payment in full within the time period set by the marketplace. Currency of Payment: Payments will be made in U.S. Dollars. Forms of Payment: Unless otherwise specified in a Listing or on our Site, acceptable forms of payment include VISA, Discover, MasterCard, American Express, and wire transfer. (Please Note) Not all of our listings accept these forms of payments and certain Listings may specify or require additional restrictions or requirements Discounts and Promotions: Rogue Liquidation may offer rebates, discounts, coupons or incentives, at our sole discretion and for any reason, and we are under no obligation to offer such alternatives to all users or to continue offering such alternatives. Removal of Purchased Property: You agree to remove Inventory purchased by you from Rogue Liquidation facilities where the Inventory is located within the time frame specified in the Listing or, if no time frame is specified, within the period of time set by the marketplace or the Listing. You may be required to schedule an appointment with the facility where the Inventory is located and you should check the Listing for details. Rogue Liquidation must receive payment for Inventory prior to removal. In the event we voluntarily extend the removal period to accommodate your needs, you understand and accept that any liability and risk of loss does not rest with Rogue Liquidation but is at your own risk. Unless stated otherwise, all Inventory sold in lots includes dunnage (cartons, boxes, pallets, shrink-wrap, bands, wood crates, etc.), and you must remove the entire lot. You are responsible for the disposal of your unwanted Assets and dunnage. Rogue Liquidation reserves in their sole discretion the right to rescind an auction or sale by notice to the buyer if the removal of the Inventory would cause damage to the seller’s premises or would be a risk to health and human safety. Buyer Responsibility for Loading and Transportation: Unless or Rogue Liquidation has entered into a separate written agreement with you, you are responsible for transportation of the Inventory that you purchase or purchased. Transportation includes loading, securing, and transporting the purchased Inventory including all costs and risks associated with removal. Where or Rogue Liquidation indicate the Inventory must be loaded by you, you must provide all material handling equipment and properly trained and certified operators to operate such equipment. Your employees or agents are responsible for compliance with all federal, state, local, and facility (the location where the Inventory is located) security, environmental, safety, and health laws and regulations while operating equipment on the loading site. You are responsible for any damages to property, including spills or releases of hazardous substances, which might occur during the removal process. Failure by you or your agent to clean up any releases or to repair any damages may result in you being banned from future participation in Rogue Liquidation auctions or sales events, and you may be reported to the appropriate authorities, as well as other remedies that may be available to us or to any other party damaged by your actions. Tailgate Loading- In our sole discretion, we will sometimes provide a free tailgate loading. We do not guarantee providing this service and we will NOT guarantee a specific loading time. In consideration for this ‘no cost’ loading service, you agree to release, hold us harmless and waive any and all claims, causes of actions, damages (including consequential damages or loss of use) or liabilities of any kind or nature associated with or caused by tailgate loading service. Buyer Required to Have Insurance Covering Its Loading and Transportation of Inventory: In order to pick up the Inventory, you and your agents must maintain adequate automobile and commercial general liability insurance, and minimum legally required workers compensation for your employees picking up Inventory. Upon request, you will provide us with proof of such insurance. Further, upon request, you will name us as an additional insured to your policy. Abandoned Inventory: A schedule for the removal of Inventory will be established for each auction or sale. You must remove all Inventory purchased within this timeframe. If for any reason you cannot remove the Inventory within the time period, it is your responsibility to arrange with PRogue Liquidation of the Inventory for an extension of time. Rogue Liquidation is not responsible for Inventory that is not removed within the time allotted. If Inventory is not removed within the specified removal period or scheduled for removal at a later date with Rogue Liquidation or with the seller, we will consider the Assets to be abandoned Inventory by you, and you will have abandoned all right, title and interest in the Inventory including their purchase price. Rogue Liquidation may dispose of, resell or destroy any abandoned Inventory at your cost and expense without obligation to refund any previous payments for the Inventory. Trademarks and Publicity: Users have no rights to display or use Rogue Liquidation trade names, domain names, trademarks, or service marks without our express written permission which Rogue Liquidation may withhold in our sole discretion. Governing Law; Jurisdiction and Venue: For disputes between you and any r Rogue Liquidation domiciled in the United States or Mexico, this User Agreement will be governed by the laws of the State of Georgia for State of Illinois for Rogue Liquidation. Dispute Resolution and Arbitration: In the event of a dispute between you and Rogue Liquidation, you agree to attempt to resolve the dispute with Rogue Liquidation applicable marketplace customer service team for a period of at least thirty (30) calendar days before taking any other action. Following such period, you and Prime Find Liquidation or Rogue Liquidation agree that any dispute, claim, or controversy arising out of or relating to the User Agreement will be settled by binding arbitration as specified below